Inozy designs & manufactures innovative cost-effective products for the wine-growing industry & œnology.

Projet Inozy capteurs vignes élu PIA (investissement avenir)

Projects for the future

One of the latest innovative project from INOZY (real time monitoring of minerality and humidity stress on the vine) was selected and rewarded by the french government as a leading "project of the future" within the Wine Growing Industry. See the article (sorry, it is in french).

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Innovation & R.O.I

What really matters is that you get a wider and better access to your markets and a far better return on your investments. That is our motivation for designing new Inozy's products and solutions for the Wine Industry. You wish to get more detailed information, just use our contact page.


INOZY news

The  organizing committee of the 14th Bordeaux Oenologists annual seminar titled "Innovation dans tous ses états" invited Olivier Zébic (CEO) to perfomr on stage on one of his favorite topics: breaking the mental barriers which are the real obstacles to innovations and showing the fundamentals of the innovative process.

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